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Thank you for being interested in the "Buddha Blog-English", the podcast all about "Buddhism"! Enjoy hundreds of Buddhist texts, with instructions for meditation and general Buddhist lifestyle. Become grounded and relaxed, embark on the path to your own center, following the path of Buddha. Find the peace you need here to glide through life serenely and with mindfulness. ++ The "Buddha-Blog-Podcast" ++ Buddhism in everyday life ++ Mindfulness in daily life ++ Meditation ++ Yoga ++ Relaxation ++ Sleep meditation ++ Self-confidence ++ Self-acceptance ++ Strengthen self-confidence ++ Overcome fears and depression ++ Chan-(Zen)-Buddhism ++ by: Shaolin-Rainer ++ In the tradition of Shaolin Temple China ++ Longing for normalcy ++ Health tips and tricks from Asia ++ Sports, fitness, exercise and discipline ++ Kung-Fu ++ Self-defense ++ Qi-Gong ++ Be in tune with the universe ++ Listen to the podcast to enjoy relaxation and tranquility, to gain self-confidence and self-acceptance. To face depression and anxiety clearly and positively, following the path of Buddha. Happiness and balance will then quickly help you to stay in the "here" and in the "now", to stop constantly digressing into the worries and hardships of everyday life. No man is an island, everyone needs a little help from time to time. This help is offered to you by the "Buddha-Blog-Podcast", which is only one click away from you, to give you the calmness that is hard to find in the chaos of life. The podcast is free and contains no external advertising. So the podcast doesn't get on your nerves at all, it doesn't want anything from you, but takes you to an oasis of silence, to a completely different world. CONTENTS OF THE "BUDDHA-BLOG-PODCAST": - Hundreds of Buddhist texts - Buddhism in real everyday life - Development of independent personality - Many free meditations on topics such as time, stress, or life in general - Mindfulness in daily life - Weekly new episodes - According to the method of "Shaolin-Rainer", a former Buddhist monk- Self-help and self-acceptance - Strengthening self-confidence - Help with anxiety and depression - Buddhist recipes- Yoga programs- Qi Gong instructions- Tuina - Kung Fu - Mastery of body and mind - Self-defense - Health and fitness - Tips and tricks from Asia - About the owner of this podcast: Over 30 years ago I made the journey to China, to the world famous Shaolin Temple, a Buddhist monastery in Henan province. There I lived for a long time with the monks of the monastery, made friends, learned Kung-Fu, and came in contact with the teachings of Buddha, I then founded the Shaolin Temple Germany in Berlin in 2001. A good Chan (Zen) master can, as with an onion, remove one layer of the old personality of the person after the other, bring the subject of "enlightenment" again and again to the fore, and after the "awakening" accompanying help. Gladly I would like to be your alarm clock, your alarm, the man who accompanies you in the 'awakening'. Your Shaolin-Rainer